Aquarius Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Or it might work differently. If the job involves working closely with a collaborator once you secure the position, discussions would revolve around the type of person with whom you would ideally choose to work. I will return to this topic in a second because the selection of that collaborator will be important to you and to the success of venture—that person will be chosen soon, this month, should you accept the offer.

At or near the February 8 full moon, you may receive a marriage proposal. A week later, you could celebrate your love for each other and announce your engagement publicly, on Valentine’s Day. Perfect!

My very favorite part of this February 23 new moon and what it could mean to you is that Uranus is Aquarius’ ruling planet, and because of that, any aspect that includes Uranus will have more weight and importance for you than for other signs. At the new moon on February 23, Uranus will be divinely angled to both the Sun and new moon in a very tight mathematical aspect. (The tightness of the aspect is significant.)

Uranus is in your fourth house of home, so the job might require you to move quite suddenly. You seem fine with that, even though as a fixed sign, you tend to avoid uprooting yourself. I think the job on the table represents a very big advancement with a great deal of responsibility and power. It would be worth whatever you need to do to secure it. If relocation is required, it will happen suddenly, almost without warning, and it would most likely happen at the new moon in Taurus just after April 22.

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