Aquarius Horoscope for February 2020

A Note from Susan Miller

february 2020

Dear Reader,

February will be quiet an exciting month, dotted with special days to bring you a variety of opportunities and good news. January was difficult for some readers, but February should be a happy little month packed full of twinkling stars to lift your spirits.

My Astrology Zone pop-up shop appeared in Bloomingdale’s last month and will run through March 1. This is a highpoint of my career, and a project I have thoroughly enjoyed. I worked with many of Bloomingdale’s executives in many departments since last summer—the resulting shop is breathtakingly beautiful. My store is part of the “Carousel” concept found on the main floor in four of their stores.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You seem to have been involved with intense secret talks over the past weeks and months, possibly to take an important new position or, if you are self-employed, to add a powerful new client to your roster. Alternatively, you may be preparing to launch a new product that you’ve had in development. You have had to be patient and realistic in your approach to this endeavor, for Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has made this an imperative. Your wide range of creativity and your ability to keep complex projects on budget is a rare skill, not often found in an applicant who is such a creative thinker, but this is exactly what VIPs find so attractive about you, in addition to your vision and sound judgement.

You appear to be nearing the point where your desired compensation will become the focus and finalized, but because the endeavor is important, talks will take time to complete. That’s fine—let events take their natural course.

You will start discussing money in earnest once you arrive at the February 23 new moon in Pisces at four degrees. That new moon will be influential for weeks, but especially in the first ten days that follow its appearance. Your timing for opening financial talks will be perfect late in the month. Neptune will be close to the Sun and new moon on February 23 but won’t be overly close—that suggests your creativity and ability to generate ideas will form a large part of the foundation of the new job (or the assignment or endeavor you are discussing).

There is more to this new moon of February 23 that I am excited to share with you! At the time of the new moon, Mars will be in Capricorn and will signal the Sun and new moon in Pisces, both placed in your second house of earned income. The Sun rules your partnerships, so I am wondering if you will offer the services of both you and a recommended partner as part of a twosome package. (Such a package might be on offer to a company with the ability to hire you, as a VP creative director, for example, along with your favorite, award-winning VP writer.) Lots of people offer a company a partnership like this, and it is a good idea.

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