Aquarius Horoscope for December 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is a big month that includes emphasis on all parts of your life: from career and love, to friendship, and money. Not everything will be easy this month because the planets are like little elves, cooking up mischief. You and the rest of us will have to stay alert and carefully chose days you want to make your initiations.

Mercury will be retrograde all month, from December 3 to 22, making it a bad time to make hard-and-fast decisions. You need time to mull over offers and developments, for this month, quick knee-jerk reactions will only lead you down the wrong path. Not everything that glitters this month will be real, so you will have to look closer and ask many questions. Mercury retrograde will bring cancellations, mix-ups, and the need to redo parts of projects. We are all in this together, dear Aquarius, so when it starts to happen, don’t feel singled out.

Mercury will mess up your holiday shopping, so it will be imperative to start early, and to ship quickly too. If you wait until the last minute, your holiday plans may fall like a china cup and break into a million pieces. Express mail services will not be able to meet an overwhelming demand this year (these companies are ruled by Mercury too), so you can’t depend on any of those companies to get your packages to your recipients on time. It’s going to be like the Winged Messenger (Mercury) lost all his wings, at least temporarily.

Don’t buy any electronic items this month even if you won’t technically receive it until after Mercury is finished retrograding. Mercury rules the moving parts as well as the spark of electronic components, the reason the product does not always function the way we had hoped. Our judgment is off too during these periods, so we often buy the wrong model or simply get a lemon. We become rushed, distracted, and forgetful during these phases, so you see why Mercury retrograde can be frustrating. If you are saying, “Oh no, this does not apply to me,” I will ask you again after you tell me you lost your cell phone in a taxi at night. I hope this does not happen, so be very deliberate about making sure you have everything with you and nothing is missing. Take cab receipts so you can call the cab driver should you leave something behind. Also tape your business card on the back of all your electronic treasures, and tuck your card into your eyeglass and sunglass cases.

If you didn’t shop last month, all you can do is bake cookies, send framed photos, wire money, or give a gift card – your choices are getting narrower by the minute. To learn more about Mercury retrograde, go to my website, Astrology Zone, to find my essay called All You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde in the lower left hand side of my homepage. Or, go to the paid subscription version of my app, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope, and look on the menu for the section called Life, Love + More. Under that section go to the top, Susan’s Essays, and see my piece on Mercury retrograde.

My paid subscriber version of my app will give you all my essays, and most importantly, my much longer daily horoscopes. On either my free or paid subscriber versions, you will always get my monthly forecast, too, complete and uncut. A subscription costs $4.99 for one month, and $12.99 for three months (the most popular selection) and $49.99 for a year (a great gift). Apple App Store and Google Play will be your retailer, and they take a deserved 30 percent of the cost.

Now let’s turn to the events of the month. On the full moon, December 3, in Gemini 12 degrees, operative for two days before and four days after, you may have an outstanding romantic episode. I feel you are most likely to experience this full moon over December 2, a Saturday night, for the full moon will arrive quickly the following day. This full moon will fall in your fifth house of true love, and it could bring a fateful first meeting. It will be time to decide where you want your dating relationship to go – if you are happy, you will want to grow closer, and if you are not happy, you may decide to leave. It looks like this will be a highly romantic time, so chances are, you will be happy.

If you are attached, you may be ordering little soft baby buntings, baby blankets, and booties very soon. This full moon will encourage conception, too, and if you are pregnant, birth. If you have had difficulties, try to make your appointment with a fertility specialist doctor for advice very early in the month, no later than December 7.

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