Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Readers,

I am so happy to send you the August forecast, for it brims with happy surprises. July was an intense month for many readers, for we all were subject to two eclipses and Mercury retrograde. In comparison, August will be a breath of fresh air. Mercury is now direct, and we have one of the most beautiful new moons of 2019 on August 30 in Virgo. It will offer you an array of opportunities and many happy surprises in the last week.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

All of your attention will be on your partner in the first half, and it’s the right time to partner up. Your solar seventh house of marriage and committed partnerships is sparkling like diamonds, for you have the Sun, new moon, Venus, and Mars at the beginning of the month all squeezed into this house. As an Aquarian, you are generally a loner at heart, but this month, you may decide that you that you can’t do everything in life by yourself, and having a partner in love or business can be sweet indeed. Mercury went direct last month on July 31, so say goodbye to delays and miscommunications. This month you can move ahead with greater certainty.

The new moon of July 31-August 1 (depending on your time zone) will exert a flow for ten days, and depending on what you do during that time, the actions you take will have the power to affect you for a year or more. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, now in your house of friendship, will beam dazzling rays to all the little planets that are brightening your solar seventh house of marriage and business partnerships. Your friends seem be encouraging you to trust in your partner, and if you have no partner, they will introduce you to marriageable types.

Some Aquarian readers will get engaged or marry this month, and it will be a joyous time. If you are married already, your partner will be bringing you special news—what you hear could be quite exciting. With Venus and Mars both in your partnership house, that area of your chart certainly sparkles.

Still, this new moon has one difficult planet. Uranus, your ruler, which is in your fourth house of home, will be in hard angle to the new moon, the Sun, and Venus. Venus rules your home base and your family. I am not sure how this will assert itself, but I will give you some possible examples. Whatever comes up will come up out of the blue and without warning.

You may have problems finding suitable housing, for the apartment or house you thought you were on the verge of buying or renting may vanish out of your hands and into those of another couple. Or it might be that your family will tell you they do not like your choice of partner and give you a hard time about your plans to marry. Their sentiment will likely come out of the blue just when you were getting serious about your partner.

I am not sure how you will handle this—your chart shows that it could take six to twelve months to sort this out. (I say twelve months, for that is when the next new moon in your partnership sector will appear, at a different degree, of course, on August 18, 2020.) Still, you should try to fix the matter that comes up because when you marry you are not just marrying the person you love, but also your partner’s entire family.

You might want to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket at month’s end. Don’t spend too much—if you are destined to be lucky, you will be without breaking the bank…. I like scratch-off tickets because you can choose the day you discover if you won…. Buy your ticket on August 29, August 30, or August 31.

Some readers might say they would rather become estranged from family over a point like this, but that is not necessarily the right or realistic way to go. We all need our families for overall support, and since your babyhood, they have invested all their love and time into you. You and your partner might need to prove to family that their feelings count, that you are listening, and that your partner will be willing to get to know them better and answer questions that have troubled them about your impending union. (If the family member who has taken a sudden dislike to your partner has a mental condition, that’s an entirely different situation and better left to professionals to work out.)

Other Aquarians might be ready to sign a business partner, manager, agent, publicist, lawyer, accountant, social media manager, writing partner, headhunter, real estate broker, or other professional. You seem enthusiastic and ready to sign papers to make your business partnership official. In fact, you may be reviewing entire companies as possible partners with your company, such as to take on a new advertising agency or app developer to engage with your company.

If your birthday falls on January 27, plus or minus five days, you will feel the new moon of July 31/August 1 more than other Aquarians, and it looks like you are thinking of taking on a partner in business or getting married soon. If you have Aquarius rising seven degrees or another planet in Aquarius in your natal chart of that degree, plus or minus five degrees, you, too, will notice the urge to join forces with another person or entire company.

I am concerned about the hard aspect Uranus is making to the new moon, Sun, and Venus, making me wonder if you will agree on things you’ve not yet discussed. The moon rules how work is done—the methods you use to finish each project—and that would be one area to look at. Venus rules your home and is under attack from Uranus, but Uranus is moving in your house of home and is also attacking it.

Clearly your fourth house is under siege, and the fourth house not only rules home and family but what the ancients called the end of all matters—how things work out in the end. This is why I want you to be very sure to ask many questions. If you need to sign papers, do so on your very best day, August 21, when Mercury (agreements, contracts, communication) will be in ideal angle to good-fortune Jupiter.

Take your time and try to go over every possible area of difficulty, frustration, or conflict that could come up between you later. You do have Jupiter’s powerful help this month, and that is no small asset. In fact, Jupiter, planet of good fortune and happiness, is presently the highest elevated planet in your chart. That counts when reading a chart—Jupiter is spreading goodness over your entire chart, indicating that you do have the chance to forge a very happy resolve. It’s certainly worth a try.

There are days that are quite wonderful to see friends, and those are August 5, 6, and 7, when Jupiter will be exchanging magnificent vibrations with the Sun. Any one of these days would be perfect for seeing friends, a group, or club that you belong to or a charity you would like to help.

On August 8, Venus will receive shimmering vibrations from benefic Jupiter, another happy day to be with friends and to bring your romantic partner along.

There is good news for you on August 11, the day Jupiter goes direct. He has been operating in a weakened state since April 10, when, four months ago, Jupiter went retrograde. Now, on August 11, Jupiter will bolt forward and help you in a bigger, more noticeable way. Your eleventh house, where Jupiter is based, is not only the house of friendship, but also the house of hopes and wishes. You may finally grasp a dream dear to your heart.

In terms of friendships, Jupiter is going direct in your friendship sector and will help you make more friends, join a club, or see your charity or humanitarian work succeed bigger than ever. If you have had a falling out with a friend who you miss, you might be able to mend a fence with her now. If you wanted to join a club and had sent in your application only to be put on the waiting list, call again—you have a better chance of being admitted as a full-fledged member now.

The full moon on August 15 will bring your attention back to you, along with your dreams and needs. Until now, you’ve been riveted on your partner and either how to structure the partnership or how to make your partner happy. Now the focus goes back to you, and you will get clarity of what you need in life to be fulfilled. Additionally, something of enormous importance to you will reach fruition on August 15 to 19. You’ll immediately know what it is when it happens.

If your birthday falls on February 11, plus or minus five days, this full moon will speak directly to you, stronger than to the others born under your sign. The same will be true if you have Aquarius rising 22 degrees or have another planet in your natal chart in Aquarius at that degree, and in both cases plus or minus five degrees.

Now we come to one of the best moments of the month, August 30, the glorious new moon in Virgo that is set to brilliantly light your eighth house of other people’s money. No doubt about it, this is one of the finest new moons of all of 2019. You will have five heavenly bodies in that area of your chart, all very friendly: the Sun, new moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Here is your chance to receive a remarkably generous one-time sum.

The money you receive might be a generous mortgage or bank loan with attractive terms. It could be a big insurance payout, court settlement in your favor, a check with back child support, a signing bonus, a generous commission, cash advance, large royalty check, scholarship, or university financial aid. You might receive an infusion of venture capital, an inheritance, or an outright gift of value. The money from the eighth house is usually sent as one large sum at once.

You might want to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket at month’s end. Don’t spend too much—if you are destined to be lucky, you will be without breaking the bank. I can’t see where your money will emanate from, so I don’t want you to bet the farm on lottery tickets. I like scratch-off tickets because you can choose the day you discover if you won. The eighth house does rule prizes, so buy your ticket on August 29, August 30, or August 31.

Here is the remarkable and exciting part of this new moon, August 30: Uranus, the planet that was a thorn in your side earlier in August, now will change his annoying ways and become your best friend. The money you receive will completely surprise you, for that’s Uranus’ trademark. Either you won’t expect the money at all, or you will expect a payment but nothing like the size of the check you’ll receive. Saturn will also help you from his position behind the scenes. Saturn will add his gift of stability and security to what you see.

The eighth house is more than about money. It is also about surgery, and if you need to book a date for the procedure, I like the August 30 new moon and the nine days that follow into September. You will have so much support from a loving universe. As you may know by now, a new moon opens a door to many days, and so a new moon gives you much more than one special day. You can’t always choose the date of your surgery (I grew up in hospitals due to my birth defect, so I know that!). When you can choose your surgery date, doing so gives you a good feeling that you’ve chosen the very best time possible.

I need to rewind the tape back to August 24, a Saturday, when Venus and Mars will make a rare conjunction in Virgo, this same eighth house, and will provide you with a clue that your financial prospects are on the rise. The eighth house rules money and surgery, but it’s also physical affection. Let’s just say that when you’re hot, you’re hot, dear Aquarius.

If you have a partner, make the August 24-25 weekend a romantic one for just the two of you, and if you want, take a little trip away for the night and ask grandma to babysit. (Of course, she wants to care for your children, are you kidding? She’s been waiting for you to ask!)

Two more dates will be very special for you this month, and they both come in the last week of August.

I know I have focused a great deal on readers who are partnered up, because the new moon at the start of August will work hard to make things work well for those readers. If you are single, I love the weekend of August 24-25 because those dates come when Venus and Mars will conjoin, and their main job is to set off the spark of first attraction. Plan to be away that weekend. Venus and Mars will meet again every two years, but they will not meet in Virgo again until 2047, and that is 28 years from now. That weekend will be that special.

There is another reason. On August 26, a Monday, your ruler, Uranus, will flirt with Venus and chase her around the sky. This is a day filled with all the best electricity, and your magnetism will be sky high. This is the perfect aspect for singles to find love, and you will absolutely feel it over the preceding weekend, August 24-25, as this aspect builds in power. Be sure to be circulating over the weekend of August 24-25!

Finally, we have a dazzling day, August 28, that will be quite powerful when Mars will be in perfect sync with Uranus. If you were hoping to find a new apartment or the dream house to buy, this is the day you are likely to find it. Best of all, the bank will back you up a few days later with approval for a mortgage. If you have been concerned about a home or property situation, this day could unlock it with wonderful news. Remember, you are ruled by Uranus, and so while this day will be special for everyone, this one is weighted more heavily in your favor because Uranus is your ruling planet, meant to take good care of you, and he will, in spades.

On August 29, the Sun and Uranus will work together in perfect harmony—again, more surprises are due, and this time your surprise comes from the kindness of a friend. Financial news also knocks your socks off as well on this magical day.

Dear Aquarius, are you excited yet? You should be! I am excited for you!


This month there is no need to attempt to do everything yourself—you have wonderful warm and supportive people around you who want to roll up their sleeves and help you. Your house of partnership will be brilliantly lit, so the path to your greatest progress will be through collaborating with others. This month, you’ll be able to find qualified people with whom to join forces.

At work, you might be thinking of hiring a publicist, art director, songwriter, producer, stylist, head-hunter, real estate agent, lawyer, or accountant, as some examples of an expert you may need to help you perform more professionally or with greater ease.

This is a highly romantic vibration too, so you may be getting engaged or married now, and if so, you have chosen a wonderful time to do so. Make sure your family is on board, and if not, see if you can encourage them to be excited for you.

There is always a catch, and this month it comes from Uranus, your ruling planet, that will be in hard aspect to the Sun, new moon, and Venus in the first two weeks of August. This might bring a temporary setback or delay to a home or real estate situation, and this might cause you to rethink elements of your strategy or plan.

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will be in an ideal angle to the four heavenly bodies in your partnership house—the Sun and new moon of July 31/August 1 (affecting the first ten days of August), and Venus and Mars, which will be in attendance, too. They are the cosmic sweethearts and will add a lively, fun note. A friend may be instrumental helping you find a partner or a special partnering opportunity at work, so entertain your friend’s ideas, even if at first you are doubtful that she understands you or your work life. You might be surprised.

Pluto and Uranus will be attacking Mercury in the first half of August, and Mercury is the planet of agreements. No matter what is on your agenda, you should not sign papers the first three weeks of August. If making a deal on real estate, do so on August 21.

This month’s full moon in your sign, Aquarius, will arrive on August 15, and again bring crosscurrents from Uranus, forcing you to tweak or completely overhaul a course of action. On the plus side, this full moon will clarify what you want in life and in a partner. If romance is on your mind mid-month, Venus’ close proximity with her lover Mars (both in Leo) will add sparkle to your relationship. You may feel a completeness with a significant other that you find magical and that speaks to you on a deep level. Your passionate feelings will help you find solutions to any relationship question that may come up.

As you get to month’s end, you will move away from being focused on relationship matters to thinking about money. Although this may sound disappointing, it is not. You have spectacular financial planetary power at the new moon August 30. This new moon will have the power to bring you an influx of cash—some of the most generous sums that you’ve seen this year. The money you will see seems to be tied to real estate you own or hope to sell, rent, or buy. If you have been in a court case, such as a divorce or a dispute with a contractor (as examples), you can finally make a settlement that will satisfy you. The actions you take at this new moon will bring a strong sense of security that will allow you to put the past behind you and turn your face toward the future and start a new, more beneficial chapter.

Money will be such a lucky area for you, you might want to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket on August 29, August 30, or August 31, all sterling days. (Scratch-off tickets allow you to control the date you discover if you won.) If you hear of a charity raffle that will take place on one of these three days, buy several books of tickets. You have an outstanding chart for seeing a prize, and it is always fun to win something. Uranus is working hard on your behalf in the last week, and you’ll get one surprise right after another. It’s like you’ll have confetti falling all over you. It marks a wonderful time.

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