Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Pluto and Uranus will be attacking Mercury in the first half of August, and Mercury is the planet of agreements. No matter what is on your agenda, you should not sign papers the first three weeks of August. If making a deal on real estate, do so on August 21.

This month’s full moon in your sign, Aquarius, will arrive on August 15, and again bring crosscurrents from Uranus, forcing you to tweak or completely overhaul a course of action. On the plus side, this full moon will clarify what you want in life and in a partner. If romance is on your mind mid-month, Venus’ close proximity with her lover Mars (both in Leo) will add sparkle to your relationship. You may feel a completeness with a significant other that you find magical and that speaks to you on a deep level. Your passionate feelings will help you find solutions to any relationship question that may come up.

As you get to month’s end, you will move away from being focused on relationship matters to thinking about money. Although this may sound disappointing, it is not. You have spectacular financial planetary power at the new moon August 30. This new moon will have the power to bring you an influx of cash—some of the most generous sums that you’ve seen this year. The money you will see seems to be tied to real estate you own or hope to sell, rent, or buy. If you have been in a court case, such as a divorce or a dispute with a contractor (as examples), you can finally make a settlement that will satisfy you. The actions you take at this new moon will bring a strong sense of security that will allow you to put the past behind you and turn your face toward the future and start a new, more beneficial chapter.

Money will be such a lucky area for you, you might want to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket on August 29, August 30, or August 31, all sterling days. (Scratch-off tickets allow you to control the date you discover if you won.) If you hear of a charity raffle that will take place on one of these three days, buy several books of tickets. You have an outstanding chart for seeing a prize, and it is always fun to win something. Uranus is working hard on your behalf in the last week, and you’ll get one surprise right after another. It’s like you’ll have confetti falling all over you. It marks a wonderful time.

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