Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


This month there is no need to attempt to do everything yourself—you have wonderful warm and supportive people around you who want to roll up their sleeves and help you. Your house of partnership will be brilliantly lit, so the path to your greatest progress will be through collaborating with others. This month, you’ll be able to find qualified people with whom to join forces.

At work, you might be thinking of hiring a publicist, art director, songwriter, producer, stylist, head-hunter, real estate agent, lawyer, or accountant, as some examples of an expert you may need to help you perform more professionally or with greater ease.

This is a highly romantic vibration too, so you may be getting engaged or married now, and if so, you have chosen a wonderful time to do so. Make sure your family is on board, and if not, see if you can encourage them to be excited for you.

There is always a catch, and this month it comes from Uranus, your ruling planet, that will be in hard aspect to the Sun, new moon, and Venus in the first two weeks of August. This might bring a temporary setback or delay to a home or real estate situation, and this might cause you to rethink elements of your strategy or plan.

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will be in an ideal angle to the four heavenly bodies in your partnership house—the Sun and new moon of July 31/August 1 (affecting the first ten days of August), and Venus and Mars, which will be in attendance, too. They are the cosmic sweethearts and will add a lively, fun note. A friend may be instrumental helping you find a partner or a special partnering opportunity at work, so entertain your friend’s ideas, even if at first you are doubtful that she understands you or your work life. You might be surprised.

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