Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Two more dates will be very special for you this month, and they both come in the last week of August.

I know I have focused a great deal on readers who are partnered up, because the new moon at the start of August will work hard to make things work well for those readers. If you are single, I love the weekend of August 24-25 because those dates come when Venus and Mars will conjoin, and their main job is to set off the spark of first attraction. Plan to be away that weekend. Venus and Mars will meet again every two years, but they will not meet in Virgo again until 2047, and that is 28 years from now. That weekend will be that special.

There is another reason. On August 26, a Monday, your ruler, Uranus, will flirt with Venus and chase her around the sky. This is a day filled with all the best electricity, and your magnetism will be sky high. This is the perfect aspect for singles to find love, and you will absolutely feel it over the preceding weekend, August 24-25, as this aspect builds in power. Be sure to be circulating over the weekend of August 24-25!

Finally, we have a dazzling day, August 28, that will be quite powerful when Mars will be in perfect sync with Uranus. If you were hoping to find a new apartment or the dream house to buy, this is the day you are likely to find it. Best of all, the bank will back you up a few days later with approval for a mortgage. If you have been concerned about a home or property situation, this day could unlock it with wonderful news. Remember, you are ruled by Uranus, and so while this day will be special for everyone, this one is weighted more heavily in your favor because Uranus is your ruling planet, meant to take good care of you, and he will, in spades.

On August 29, the Sun and Uranus will work together in perfect harmony—again, more surprises are due, and this time your surprise comes from the kindness of a friend. Financial news also knocks your socks off as well on this magical day.

Dear Aquarius, are you excited yet? You should be! I am excited for you!

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