Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You might want to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket at month’s end. Don’t spend too much—if you are destined to be lucky, you will be without breaking the bank. I can’t see where your money will emanate from, so I don’t want you to bet the farm on lottery tickets. I like scratch-off tickets because you can choose the day you discover if you won. The eighth house does rule prizes, so buy your ticket on August 29, August 30, or August 31.

Here is the remarkable and exciting part of this new moon, August 30: Uranus, the planet that was a thorn in your side earlier in August, now will change his annoying ways and become your best friend. The money you receive will completely surprise you, for that’s Uranus’ trademark. Either you won’t expect the money at all, or you will expect a payment but nothing like the size of the check you’ll receive. Saturn will also help you from his position behind the scenes. Saturn will add his gift of stability and security to what you see.

The eighth house is more than about money. It is also about surgery, and if you need to book a date for the procedure, I like the August 30 new moon and the nine days that follow into September. You will have so much support from a loving universe. As you may know by now, a new moon opens a door to many days, and so a new moon gives you much more than one special day. You can’t always choose the date of your surgery (I grew up in hospitals due to my birth defect, so I know that!). When you can choose your surgery date, doing so gives you a good feeling that you’ve chosen the very best time possible.

I need to rewind the tape back to August 24, a Saturday, when Venus and Mars will make a rare conjunction in Virgo, this same eighth house, and will provide you with a clue that your financial prospects are on the rise. The eighth house rules money and surgery, but it’s also physical affection. Let’s just say that when you’re hot, you’re hot, dear Aquarius.

If you have a partner, make the August 24-25 weekend a romantic one for just the two of you, and if you want, take a little trip away for the night and ask grandma to babysit. (Of course, she wants to care for your children, are you kidding? She’s been waiting for you to ask!)

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