Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I am concerned about the hard aspect Uranus is making to the new moon, Sun, and Venus, making me wonder if you will agree on things you’ve not yet discussed. The moon rules how work is done—the methods you use to finish each project—and that would be one area to look at. Venus rules your home and is under attack from Uranus, but Uranus is moving in your house of home and is also attacking it.

Clearly your fourth house is under siege, and the fourth house not only rules home and family but what the ancients called the end of all matters—how things work out in the end. This is why I want you to be very sure to ask many questions. If you need to sign papers, do so on your very best day, August 21, when Mercury (agreements, contracts, communication) will be in ideal angle to good-fortune Jupiter.

Take your time and try to go over every possible area of difficulty, frustration, or conflict that could come up between you later. You do have Jupiter’s powerful help this month, and that is no small asset. In fact, Jupiter, planet of good fortune and happiness, is presently the highest elevated planet in your chart. That counts when reading a chart—Jupiter is spreading goodness over your entire chart, indicating that you do have the chance to forge a very happy resolve. It’s certainly worth a try.

There are days that are quite wonderful to see friends, and those are August 5, 6, and 7, when Jupiter will be exchanging magnificent vibrations with the Sun. Any one of these days would be perfect for seeing friends, a group, or club that you belong to or a charity you would like to help.

On August 8, Venus will receive shimmering vibrations from benefic Jupiter, another happy day to be with friends and to bring your romantic partner along.

There is good news for you on August 11, the day Jupiter goes direct. He has been operating in a weakened state since April 10, when, four months ago, Jupiter went retrograde. Now, on August 11, Jupiter will bolt forward and help you in a bigger, more noticeable way. Your eleventh house, where Jupiter is based, is not only the house of friendship, but also the house of hopes and wishes. You may finally grasp a dream dear to your heart.

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