Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I am not sure how you will handle this—your chart shows that it could take six to twelve months to sort this out. (I say twelve months, for that is when the next new moon in your partnership sector will appear, at a different degree, of course, on August 18, 2020.) Still, you should try to fix the matter that comes up because when you marry you are not just marrying the person you love, but also your partner’s entire family.

You might want to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket at month’s end. Don’t spend too much—if you are destined to be lucky, you will be without breaking the bank…. I like scratch-off tickets because you can choose the day you discover if you won…. Buy your ticket on August 29, August 30, or August 31.

Some readers might say they would rather become estranged from family over a point like this, but that is not necessarily the right or realistic way to go. We all need our families for overall support, and since your babyhood, they have invested all their love and time into you. You and your partner might need to prove to family that their feelings count, that you are listening, and that your partner will be willing to get to know them better and answer questions that have troubled them about your impending union. (If the family member who has taken a sudden dislike to your partner has a mental condition, that’s an entirely different situation and better left to professionals to work out.)

Other Aquarians might be ready to sign a business partner, manager, agent, publicist, lawyer, accountant, social media manager, writing partner, headhunter, real estate broker, or other professional. You seem enthusiastic and ready to sign papers to make your business partnership official. In fact, you may be reviewing entire companies as possible partners with your company, such as to take on a new advertising agency or app developer to engage with your company.

If your birthday falls on January 27, plus or minus five days, you will feel the new moon of July 31/August 1 more than other Aquarians, and it looks like you are thinking of taking on a partner in business or getting married soon. If you have Aquarius rising seven degrees or another planet in Aquarius in your natal chart of that degree, plus or minus five degrees, you, too, will notice the urge to join forces with another person or entire company.

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