Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Readers,

I am so happy to send you the August forecast, for it brims with happy surprises. July was an intense month for many readers, for we all were subject to two eclipses and Mercury retrograde. In comparison, August will be a breath of fresh air. Mercury is now direct, and we have one of the most beautiful new moons of 2019 on August 30 in Virgo. It will offer you an array of opportunities and many happy surprises in the last week.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

All of your attention will be on your partner in the first half, and it’s the right time to partner up. Your solar seventh house of marriage and committed partnerships is sparkling like diamonds, for you have the Sun, new moon, Venus, and Mars at the beginning of the month all squeezed into this house. As an Aquarian, you are generally a loner at heart, but this month, you may decide that you that you can’t do everything in life by yourself, and having a partner in love or business can be sweet indeed. Mercury went direct last month on July 31, so say goodbye to delays and miscommunications. This month you can move ahead with greater certainty.

The new moon of July 31-August 1 (depending on your time zone) will exert a flow for ten days, and depending on what you do during that time, the actions you take will have the power to affect you for a year or more. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, now in your house of friendship, will beam dazzling rays to all the little planets that are brightening your solar seventh house of marriage and business partnerships. Your friends seem be encouraging you to trust in your partner, and if you have no partner, they will introduce you to marriageable types.

Some Aquarian readers will get engaged or marry this month, and it will be a joyous time. If you are married already, your partner will be bringing you special news—what you hear could be quite exciting. With Venus and Mars both in your partnership house, that area of your chart certainly sparkles.

Still, this new moon has one difficult planet. Uranus, your ruler, which is in your fourth house of home, will be in hard angle to the new moon, the Sun, and Venus. Venus rules your home base and your family. I am not sure how this will assert itself, but I will give you some possible examples. Whatever comes up will come up out of the blue and without warning.

You may have problems finding suitable housing, for the apartment or house you thought you were on the verge of buying or renting may vanish out of your hands and into those of another couple. Or it might be that your family will tell you they do not like your choice of partner and give you a hard time about your plans to marry. Their sentiment will likely come out of the blue just when you were getting serious about your partner.

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