Can Susan do my chart?

Susan considers it an honor that you’d like her to do your chart, and she regrets that she no longer can do personal charts. If you would like to have one done, here is what she recommends.

You will need to have your birth date, month, and year as well as the city and state or country plus the exact time you were born to the minute. If you were born in the United States, contact the Department of Vital Statistics in your state capital. You will need to ask for a “vault copy” of your birth certificate for that one would be handwritten. State clearly that you do not want the computer version of your birth certificate. Only a vault copy will include the time of your birth. The computer version of your birth certificate will not include your birth time. A vault copy will cost $10 to $30 (depending on the municipality). If it costs $5.00, it is likely the wrong computer version.

If you cannot find the exact time of your birth, here are a few recommendations: First, ask your mother, if you can. She’ll often know within a few minutes when you were born, and although every minute makes a difference in astrology, it’s better to be pretty close than not close at all. If you can’t ask your mother, then ask other relatives who might know when you were born. If neither of those is possible, then Susan recommends that you read all of the forecasts for at least six months. There probably will be one sign other than your Sun sign that will be more relevant than the others. That sign will probably be your rising sign, which can only be determined by doing a chart. The alternative is to do what’s known as a sunrise chart, where your Sun sign would also be your rising sign.

Once you have all of your birth information, you can have your chart done. Susan’s first recommendation is to order a copy of My Personal Horoscope™, which is a print-on-demand book written just for you. Just click here, or go to to order it. It is a custom horoscope book all about you, tailored just for you, and illustrated in four-color, with 60 + pages. You will see your wheel and it will be explained in easy to understand terms. My Personal Horoscope™ is written by Susan and will tell you everything you need to know about your chart. In addition to the My Personal Horoscope™ book for adults, we have a book for newborns and small children, (and up to age six).

In the book Susan writes for children, she discusses mainly the talents and personality proclivities of the little child, and some of the inherited traits given by the father and mother of the child. For that reason, you will need the name of the father and the mother of the child and just the Sun sign of each parent, such as Tom, a Taurus and Erica, a Gemini. (If the child is part of a gay couple, she will write a report on a child with two fathers or two mothers.)

Susan also writes a relationship compatibility custom report for a specific couple, straight or gay. Susan suggests that you first become familiar with your own chart before writing a report for love compatibility.

We also have a My Personal Horoscope™ Annual Solar Return Book, which most people order when they are anticipating their birthday. This is a book that progresses your natal Sun to the year you will now enter. Solar return means literally, the return of the Sun to the place it occupied at your birth, and is considered significant in astrology.

You can see the explanation of each by clicking here.

If you would like a personal astrologer to meet with you, or to speak with you on the telephone, Susan’s other recommendation would be to contact one of the following three organizations:

1. The National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR) at

2. The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) at

3. The American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) at

These organizations are all based in the United States, and NCGR and ISAR have chapters in other countries as well. Through any of those organizations you should be able to locate the right personal astrologer to do your chart. Susan belongs to all of three organizations, so please mention her name when you contact them. Susan receives no compensation from any of these organizations but would like you to receive special care when you call – by mentioning her name, your chances are improved for having a happy experience. If you live outside of the USA, it’s also possible that there are other organizations in your own country that you can find by searching Google.

Whatever you decide to do, the copy of your natal chart you receive would be your astrological map, and it would never change throughout your life. All other charts would be based on that.

Regardless which decision you make, please know that Susan is very grateful that you trust her enough to ask her to do your chart. She thanks you for being a reader of hers, and she wishes you the very best for your future.