Can Susan do my chart?

Susan considers it an honor that you would want her to do your chart. Her extensive writing schedule and other commitments simply preclude her from being able to do personal charts any longer. She is so sorry. If you would like to have one done, here is what she recommends.

A. Get your accurate birth time.

First, you will need to have your birth date, month, and year, the city and state or country, plus the exact time you were born – to the minute. If you were born in the United States, contact the Department of Vital Statistics in the capital of the state where you were born. You will need to ask for a “vault copy” of your birth certificate – that is, a copy of your birth certificate with your correct and official time of birth. Be very clear in your request that you do not want the computer version of your birth certificate. A proper copy will cost $10.00 to $30.00 (depending on the municipality). If it only costs $5.00, it is very likely the wrong, computer version that does not list the time of birth. If you live outside of the USA, you will probably need to contact the local jurisdiction of where you were born, or possibly the capital of the country where you were born.

If you cannot find the exact time of your birth, here are a few recommendations: Ask your mother, if you can. She’ll often know within a few minutes when you were born, and although every minute makes a difference in astrology, it’s better to be close to your birth time than not close at all. If you can’t ask your mother or she doesn’t remember (after all she was quite busy in labor, most probably in a delivery room without windows, so it would be hard for her to judge the time of day), then ask other relatives who might know when you were born. Your mother might have kept a baby book as a keepsake of your birth, and that might list the time you were born.

B. Can’t get your birth time, try reading Susan’s Summaries

If neither of those solutions is possible, then Susan recommends that you read all of the summaries of her forecasts for six months. You will probably find one sign other than your Sun sign that will resonate with you above all others, and that sign will probably be your rising sign. One of the primary purposes of having your chart done is to determine your rising sign – the sign that was on the horizon when you were born (which is why each minute can make a difference). It is your rising sign that determines the placement of all of the planets in your chart. The rising sign also dictates the career you will likely excel in, so it is useful to know. The only time your Sun sign and rising sign would be the same is that if you were born at or near dawn.

C. Order a sunrise chart

If you simply cannot find your time of birth, astrologers default to sunrise, where your Sun sign would also serve as your rising sign. This is not as accurate as having your actual rising sign, but it will definitely tell you where all the planets were when you were born.

D. Ask Susan to write your My Personal Horoscope Custom Natal Chart Keepsake Book, 60+ pages

Next, once you have all of your birth information, you can have your chart done. Susan’s first recommendation is to order a copy of My Personal Horoscope, which is a print-on-demand book written just for you. My Personal Horoscope is written by Susan and will tell you everything you need to know about your chart. Just click here, or go to to order it for $55.00 plus shipping and any applicable sales tax (New York State only). Look for the purplish blue and yellow cover. 

My Personal Horoscope is a custom horoscope book tailored just for you and is illustrated in four-color with 60+ pages. Susan’s custom book has been made possible by using print-on-demand technology. You will see your wheel (your actual chart), and it will be explained in easy-to-understand terms. You will also get a legend to understand what each of the astrological glyphs mean. You won’t need the legend box – Susan will explain everything in your chart clearly. Susan never uses astrological language when writing or speaking to non-astrologers. Once you have your natal chart done, you need never do it again.

We regularly pay an atlas company to keep our charts up to date for many reasons. Each year daylight savings time and return to standard time falls a different date, not only in the US but also in other countries. Also, occasionally counties change their names and borders. Back during World War Two we had War Time. All these considerations are put into the charts that I do by the atlas company, to make them accurate,. The algorithm I use is Placidus – Tropical, for those who are interested and know astrology. 

E. Other My Personal Horoscope Books: For babies, couples, and Annual Solar Return Birthday Book.

In addition to the My Personal Horoscope book Susan developed for her grown-up readers, there is also a book for newborns and small children (covering newborn up to age six). In this book, Susan mainly discusses the talents and natural proclivities of the child, including some of the inherited traits given by the father and mother. Before you order the baby book, you will need the first name of each of the parents of the child and just the Sun sign of each, such as Tom, a Taurus, and Erica, a Gemini. (If the child is part of a gay couple, she will write a report on a child with two fathers or two mothers.)

Susan also writes a relationship compatibility custom book for a specific couple, straight or gay. Susan suggests, however, that you first become familiar with your own chart before you order a report for compatibility.

There is also a My Personal Horoscope Annual Solar Return Book, which most people order when they are anticipating their birthday. This is a book that progresses your natal Sun to the year you will now enter. Solar return means the return of the Sun to the place it occupied at your birth. This is considered significant in astrology and can give you a microscopic look at the year ahead in a way other astrological reports cannot do.

All of the My Personal Horoscope books may be purchased as either hard copy or downloaded in PDF format. If you live outside of the USA, we recommend you order your book as a PDF, since you can save on shipping charges.

If you cannot find your time of birth and want to know what your actual rising sign is, then you will need to work with an astrologer who could do what’s known as chart rectification. This is where you provide the astrologer with ten of the most important events in your life – this will allow the astrologer to work backward in time to find the aspect that triggered that event, and in so doing, pinpoint your rising sign and degree. Some people call the rising sign the ascendant – both are the same and used interchangeably.

Finding a Personal Astrologer in Your City

If you would prefer a personal astrologer to create your chart (this will be more expensive than purchasing My Personal Horoscope, and the chart will be the same) or to meet with you or speak with you on the telephone once you have your chart, Susan would recommend that you contact one of the following three organizations:

1. The National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) at

2. The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) at

3. The American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) at

These organizations are all based in the United States, although they might be able to recommend someone in an overseas company too. Through any of these organizations you should be able to locate a personal astrologer you would be comfortable with in order to provide advice as well as to do your chart. Susan belongs to all three organizations, so please mention her name when you contact them. Susan receives no compensation from any of these organizations, but she would like you to receive special care when you call. If you live outside of the USA, it’s also possible that there are other organizations in your own country that can provide these same services. By searching Google, you would be able to find an organization or individual that can help you.

Susan also may be able to recommend an astrologer for you if you have a specific question. You may write to [email protected]. When you do, please be very specific about the purpose of the reading – whether you’ve just ended a relationship or if you have an important decision to make about a job, a house, a move, a business venture, or a health problem, and so forth. The more specific you can be, the better Susan would be able to assist in directing you to someone she feels would be most appropriate for you.

Here are the names of three astrologers Susan trusts. All are authors and all have a presence on the web. 

Ronnie Gale Dreyer
Superb, experienced astrologer, does classic Western and also Vedic astrology.
See your favorite online bookseller for Ronnie’s books. 
[email protected]

Bob Marks
Had a TV show for many years that Little Mom, my mother, loved. 
Ask about Bob’s specialty, advice on relocating to a new city.
Bob can, of course, do regular natal charts. 
[email protected]

Rebecca Jane Gordon
Ask about Rebecca’s introductory classes in astrology
[email protected]

Whatever you decide to do, the copy of your natal chart you receive is your astrological map, and it will remain the same throughout your life. All other charts you may do in the future, such as a solar return or progressed chart, would be based on your natal chart.

Regardless of what decision you make, please know that Susan is very grateful that you trust her enough to ask her to do your chart. She thanks you for being a reader of hers, and she wishes you the very best for your future.