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Baltimore, Maryland

August 31, 2019 - September 2, 2019

NCGR Annual Conference 2019 (National Council for Geo-Cosmic Research)


Hyatt Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel

300 Light Street

Baltimore, MD 21202


Staying over? You will get a special low rate at the Hyatt.

Use this code: G-NGEO to get your discounted rate.


Click here to book your reservation: http://bit.ly/2v7gxbA

Or, call the hotel: 410.528.1234


The Conference is easy to reach by air or rail.

The hotel is 12.5 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI).

The hotel is 2 miles from Baltimore Penn Station.




My Schedule:

I will give TWO talks on Sunday, September 1, 2019, which is “Conference Day 2.” The first one will be late morning, and the second will be mid-afternoon.

My first talk, on Sunday, September 1, will be from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM and is called “The Year Ahead 2020” where I will give you a look at the coming year, which will be big. Jupiter will make its once-in-twenty-year conjunction of Pluto, this time in Capricorn, and that conjunction will affect us all for the next 20 years—until 2040. Uranus, which made its current appearance in Taurus in March, 2019, will continue to travel through this sign affecting all individuals and every society until April 2026. Also coming in 2020, Saturn will make its fateful meeting with Pluto on January 12 in Capricorn—and then they will slowly begin to part. How will Saturn and Pluto affect you? Conjunctions are one of the most powerful astrological events, so it’s very important to note them.

My second talk will take place on the same day, Sunday, September 1, from 4:15 PM to 5:20 PM and it is called “Writing About Astrology for the Media.” It is a panel discussion with Rebecca Gordon, Armond Diaz, and me. I have written 11 books on astrology and currently write a column under contract as a paid monthly contributing editor for seven international fashion magazines: Vogue Japan, W Korea, Claudia Brazil, Amica Italy, SMODA Spain, Vogue China, and Vogue Greece. I also write cover stories for Grazia France and Elle Australia. I spent six years at Elle US and another six years at InStyle US as a columnist. In addition to my magazine writing, I also have the website AstrologyZone.com, which debuted in 1995 and where I write 40,000 words a month, and a highly rated app on iTunes and Google Play called “Daily Horoscopes AstrologyZone + More by Susan Miller.” Writing for the mass market in your own country or internationally is very different from writing for the astrological press. If you want to write about astrology in the media, this panel is a must for you.


The entire conference is described on the NCGR official website, “NCGR Conference 2019”: http://bit.ly/2UAdN5v


Here is where to register for your ticket. You have many options—see them on this page:  http://bit.ly/2KCSZG5


You may buy a one-day pass or a pass for the entire conference. You may opt for the pre- or post-conference workshops as add-ons given by other professional astrologers, so have a look at the schedule. This conference is for all levels of astrologers, from beginners to advanced. There are several talks offered at the same time, so you can choose the talk that most appeals to you. Conflicted? NCGR will offer tapes of the talks you missed. Be sure to buy a ticket to the banquet, which is always fun.




woman on computer

For the first time, NCGR, the highly respected international club for astrology enthusiasts, is offering virtual tickets to attend 15 key talks from their Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Beginners are welcome, for there will be lots of information that you can use. If you have your natal chart, have it handy, but if you don’t, just come and listen—there will be lots to discover.


On Sunday, September 1, 2019, my keynote 90-minute talk on Year Ahead 2020 will be streamed LIVE. Entry to the talk will be part of your virtual ticket. Tune-in on your computer from your home, hotel room, or coffee shop equipped with Wi-Fi on September 1, 2019 precisely at 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time.


My 90-miniute talk will start at precisely 11:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time, so be on time! Here are examples of other time zones:

EDT: 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM

CDT: 10:15 AM – 11:30 PM

MDT 9:15 AM – 10:30 PM

PDT: 8:15 AM – 9:30 AM

GMT: 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM

You can check your city’s time zone on timeanddate.com.


My other talk in Baltimore that day will be as one of three panelists speaking about writing astrology for publication. That panel discussion will NOT be streamed and will not part of your virtual ticket.


Your cost for the virtual “Internet by appointment” ticket is $249. Once you register, you will be sent log-in information.


Note: This will be an audio stream only, not video. The video will be a relevant static picture on your computer for the length of the talk.


You will be able to hear me along with 14 other well-known astrologers and their individual speeches. NCGR will archive 13 of the 15 talks so that you can access their speeches any time you like. Mine, however, will be a speech that you will have to attend at the time I give it, on Sunday, September 1, from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM EDT as it will NOT be archived. It will disappear like perfume into the air afterwards.


To learn more and purchase your VIRTUAL ticket, go here: http://bit.ly/2yNhW8U


What you will learn in my 90-minute talk: Year Ahead 2020 on Sunday, September 1, from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM EDT.


I will give you a detailed overview of the coming year 2020. Included in my talk will be:


Saturn will make its fateful meeting with Pluto on January 12 in Capricorn—and then these two planets will slowly begin to part, not to meet again until 2053-2054 (this time in Pisces). The last time this happened was 1982.


Jupiter will make its every-thirteen-year conjunction of Pluto on April 4, June 29, and November 12 in Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto will not meet again until 2033 (in Aquarius). Remarkably, Jupiter and Pluto will not meet in Capricorn again until 2257. What makes this conjunction unusual is that Saturn will stay glued to this pair within six degrees or less from March through December 2020, adding a very different quality to the Jupiter and Pluto connection. I am very excited about this conjunction as you will see opportunity arise immediately once you get to March, and it will continue through December 2020.


There is more!


On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in conjunction, something that happens only once every 20 years. This conjunction is special, and has a name: The Grand Conjunction. When Jupiter and Saturn meet, they change the sign where they meet, and this time they will meet in air-sign Aquarius. They change the element where they meet only every 200 years, and that change is called the Grand Mutation, so in 2020 we have both!


All conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn for the coming 200 years will be in air signs (Aquarius, Libra and Gemini). These major cosmic events have an effect on society, fashions, opinions, economics, government, and culture of the times. It will shift us into a new era with new priorities, new insights, and new ways of living. Rare conjunctions of this type are very important to note. You will get a preview of this Grand Conjunction’s message when Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius on March 31, 2020 and gives us a big hint of what’s to come. Watch March 31, plus or minus one day.


The eclipses, key initiators of change, will, in the first part of 2020, remain in Capricorn and Cancer (a series in place since 2018). In mid-year, the eclipses will switch to a new family of signs, Gemini and Sagittarius, which will be in place through 2021.


Also note: Venus will go retrograde from May 13 to June 25, which happens every 18 months. Mars will retrograde from September 9 to November 13, a trend that happens every 2 years. Mercury will retrograde, as usual, three times: February 16 to March 9, June 18 to July 12, and October 13 to November 3, 2020. How do we deal with these retrogrades? I will tell you.


As you see, 2020 will be a big year, with many changes in store for every sign, for we all have these planets somewhere in our charts. We will save time for Q+A, too.


This is a talk not to miss! I have finished a first draft of my book, The Year Ahead 2020, so you will have everything I say written down later in the year and available on my website, AstrologyZone.com


I hope I see you in Baltimore, or virtually!


August 31, 2019
September 2, 2019


Baltimore Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor Hotel
300 Light Street
Baltimore, MD United States
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