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April 3, 2020 - April 6, 2020


St Regis Hotel in Aspen, Colorado

April 3 to April 6, 2020


From April 3 to April 6, I will be at the luxury resort of St Regis in Aspen, Colorado, to host a weekend-long residency. I will offer hotel guests and visitors optional personal one-hour readings from the luxurious surroundings of the five-star, breathtaking The St Regis Resort, Aspen.



Courtyard Chat: Susan Miller, the Remarkable Year Ahead—Finding Your Place in the Universe 



Dinner & Discussion: How to Make Healthy Choices Every Day with Susan Miller & the St Regis Aspen Resort’s Executive Chef, Laurent Pillard


Plus optional private one-hour readings for guests and visitors of the hotel.

Visit http://bit.ly/39v2VJ4 or call +1 970-920-3300.


On the evening of April 3, I will give an introductory speech on The Remarkable Year Ahead 2020 to hotel guests and visitors. 2020 will have several rare and special conjunctions of planets, making 2020 a year that will mark a fresh start in all our lives. These rare conjunctions involving Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will carry us forward for two decades or more. It is a vital year, and I will explain why.

I will also offer private one-hour readings for guests and visitors to the hotel for the specially priced rate at $650 per hour. For bookings or more information, please go to http://bit.ly/39v2VJ4 or contact the concierge of The St Regis Resort, Aspen, or you may write to my executive assistant, Courtney O’Reilly, at [email protected]


I look forward to giving you a variety of ideas for making the coming year 2020 special and enjoyable. Have your most pressing questions ready!


The St Regis Aspen Resort, Colorado

315 East Dean Street, Aspen, Colorado 81611

The St Regis Aspen Resort is a luxury resort nestled at the base of Aspen mountain. Guests will find it to be the quintessential Aspen ski resort. A contemporary version of a Gilded Age mountainside manor which provides an uncompromising base for arbiters of fine food and wine, connoisseurs of culture, and adventure seekers. Located just steps from Aspen’s signature slopes and featuring premier amenities and St. Regis service.


Website: http://bit.ly/39v2VJ4

Instagram: @stregisaspen

Twitter: @stregisaspen

Facebook: facebook.com/stregisaspen

Hotel Rates and Booking Contact:

1 970-920-3300


Susan’s Personal Statement

Astrology fits perfectly into a life of wellness and enlightenment. All of life is based on nature’s natural cycles, such as those of day to night, the appearance of the four seasons, the cycle of the tides, and those within us, such as our sleep cycles, and cycles seen in other living creatures, such as the cyclical migration of birds. Those cycles give life a spirit of consistency, certainty, and beauty.

Astrology, in turn, is the study of planetary cycles, some that repeat and others that are once-in-a-lifetime events. With astrology, we study the interplay of the planets with each other and also how they interact with our individual horoscopes. Your individual horoscope, created by the precise time, place, day, month, and year of your birth, will never be replicated by any other person on earth. Astrology’s emphasis on each tiny degree and minute of the planets in a chart means even twins cannot have the same chart. You are unique in this world, and there never will be another “you.” This means you must sing the song in your heart, not the song others tell you to sing—this is your life, and your perspective matters.

Astrology’s rich structure is wonderful for creative brainstorming and allows us to choose the course of action that best suits your individual preferences and needs. Astrology also suggests the precise time to achieve your greatest dreams—when to act and when to hold back. We learn to see opportunity that we might otherwise miss. Astrology also helps us to come up with imaginative solutions to life’s challenges, rather than to mindlessly take an action that might seem obvious but that might not offer the most effective remedy.

Astrology gives us markers in time, which is important, for without them time flows through our fingers and disappears into the ether like perfume. In that respect, astrology helps us to make the best use of our time.

Once you learn to work with this ancient discipline, you will become more productive and successful. By being in tune with nature’s cycles, you lower your frustrations because you are in sync with the cycles of the universe. You feel calm and secure in your actions because astrology helps you take the time to consider your next steps. Astrology also helps you to take advantage of opportunities you might have missed because you were focused on something else.

I love astrology because it shows you the entire spectrum of what you can achieve and the best way for you to go about grasping your dreams and to experience a more varied, joyous life.


April 3, 2020
April 6, 2020