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A Message to my Daily Horoscope Subscribers

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for subscribing to Daily Astrology Zone®. This note is to let you know about exciting changes I am making to your subscription.

At the end of day of September 24, I am transferring the management of Daily Astrology Zone® (“DAZ”) to my own company with the help of DigiPowers, Inc., an experienced technology company that already hosts and manages the technical aspects of AstrologyZone.com.

Customer support person Tom Mayes of Applian, who has cheerfully taken care of your subscription until now, will no longer be your point of contact. Instead, you will write to support@astrologyzone.com to get robust customer help. I will see all your comments, compliments, and suggestions. The prices for the various DAZ subscriptions offered will stay the same.

We have built a beautiful new area for Daily Astrology Zone®, complete with NASA photography, and I know you will love it. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astrology Zone®, we have redesigned every page of this website – with easier navigation, new features, and new code that is responsive to all screen sizes of every computer or digital device. If you have not yet seen the change to my website, I hope you will have a look around! The changes in Daily Astrology Zone® are also part of this massive redesign.

To preserve your privacy, I have asked Applian not to supply your credit card information to me. This means I will need to ask you to please sign up one more time for Daily Astrology Zone® so that you can continue your subscription. You can use any credit card you like – you do not have to use the same one you used previously, for that subscription will end on September 24.

When you see your credit card statement, you will see DigiPowers, Inc. listed as the company to whom you sent your payment for your subscription for Daily Astrology Zone®, a company I own 100 percent. The fine people at DigiPowers already host Astrology Zone® and help me with all technical matters. By making this switch, I can be closer to my Daily Astrology Zone effort, as DigiPowers is based in both San Francisco and where I live, in New York.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to me. I assure you that your name and all other private information will never be sold, loaned, or given away to any other company or entity. Cancellation of your subscription, as always, will continue to be easy. (Of course, I hope you will stay with me!) Customer support will be as strong, robust, and as quick to respond to you, as ever.

We know the length of your subscription. In fact, we have developed an easy way for you to check to find out how long your subscription has to go, anytime you like: once you have created a new account with us, you can view your info in our new My Account section.

To thank you for taking time to give us your new credit card and contact information, we have emailed you a code to get free months of the new Daily Astrology Zone® forecasts based on the time you had left on your previous subscription plan. This offer of my free daily horoscopes will continue until September 30, so please hurry. We appreciate your continued support!

I write your daily forecasts with love and hope you enjoy the ideas I have for you on how to best use each day. I am a certified, accredited, professional astrologer from the International Society for Astrological Research. Being your advisor is a great privilege I take to heart. Astrology is built on math, and I very carefully do my calculations for you.

You may have noticed that each Sunday the daily forecast that I write covers the entire week ahead. I do this so that you can plan your week to make it fun and the most productive possible. Having your week ahead posted on Sundays as your daily forecast will, of course, continue.

There will be only one change. Applian had posted all seven days of forecasts for you each week. By posting so many days, readers have recently reported to me that various companies overseas have translated my forecasts and put my intellectual property at risk.

In the new system, you will receive daily emails for all 12 signs, or the option to log into your account on this website to pull in your daily forecasts. You will get the same forecasts that are found on my smart phone apps, and they will cover yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It is because of you – my supportive readers – that I am able to keep my monthly website free for one and all, and I appreciate your loyalty to me.

So that you don’t miss even one day of Daily Astrology Zone®, and to get your FREE months of Daily Astrology Zone®, please select a payment plan below and use your coupon code (that you received via email) during checkout.

Best wishes,
Susan Miller