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Books That Changed My Life
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Chapters by Candice Carpenter
McGraw-Hill Companies, December 2002
ISBN: 0071407928

"(It) talks about phases of our lives, one thing leading to the next phase, and allowing for the reality that expecting one career or job to fulfill our needs is not necessarily a healthy way to approach living."
A.M.R., Philadelphia, PA

My Mother, My Self: The Daughter's Search for Identity by Nancy Friday
Doubleday & Company, Incorporated; Paperback; October 1997
ISBN: 0385320159

Listed by Carolyn, Milwaukee, WI

One: A Novel by Richard Bach
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group; Mass Market Paperback; October 1989
ISBN: 044020562X

"I have read (this book) more times than I can count and whose amazing concepts continue to inspire me."
Carolyn, Surrey, England

The Children of Men by P.D. James
Vintage, Rei Rep Edition, May 2006
ISBN: 0307275434

"A brilliantly written treatise of the potential of humans in a world that constantly challenges us to deal with changes that are inevitable in the future."
Crystal, New York, NY

Accept This Gift: Selections from a Course in Miracles Edited by Frances E. Vaughan and Roger Walsh
The Putnam Publishing Group; Paperback; August 1992
ISBN: 0874777216

Listed by Diane, North Attleboro, MA

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