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Message Board Rules

Welcome to Susan Miller's Astrology Zone® Message Board

We welcome you to the Astrology Zone® Message Board and invite you to share your questions, discussions and comments. This is a Board that is devoted to the discussion of astrology and the search for life's purpose.

The Board is a respected community where those who participate do not need to be experts in astrology, in order to give and to receive. When posting, please bear in mind the support that others feel from the posts that they read. Be gentle, compassionate and understanding!

Please read the following terms of use:

  • Please use a consistent name/nickname so that others can recognize you and look forward to reading your posts.
  • Please always be polite to the others on the board. We are a very special spiritual community and we ask that everyone observe this rule.
  • Maintain continuity within threads, prior to beginning a new post
  • Post in lower case letters, as CAPITALS are unpleasing to the eye and infer SCREAMING at the reader
  • No advertisements or solicitations for products and/or services are allowed on this board at any time. Offenders will lose posting privileges.
  • No posting to others' private email addresses without prior agreement.
  • We strongly urge you NOT to list your private email address on this board unless it is a free email address that can be changed easily if necessary, should you choose to do so.
  • No personal attacks, harassment, abusive or threatening posts are allowed on this board.
  • Further information may be found under "Frequently Asked Questions" below.
  • We ask that you use the board be used primarily for astrological discussions. Please do not carry on long private conversations, as this is a public board and we would like to include all who come by in the discussions.
  • All information on the message board is subject to disappear without notice. If you see something you like, please print a paper copy to keep for yourself.


By using Susan Miller's Astrology Zone® Message Board, you agree not to post any messages that are libelous, threatening, vicious, vulgar, obscene or pornographic in nature, harassing, abusive, unlawful, defamatory, related to witchcraft, or may be construed invasive to another's privacy. Susan Miller, as creator of Astrology Zone®, will be the final arbiter of proper conduct, and any messages that are deemed inappropriate will be removed without warning or explanation. Offenders may be reported to their ISP and/or banned. Only those who abide by the terms of use are invited to participate.

Before starting a new thread, check through existing posts to see if the topic already exists. Keeping everything relating to a certain topic within one thread maintains continuity

Frequently Asked Questions (please click to view):

How to log-in

How to post new topics and address posts

How to navigate the Astrology Zone® Message Board

How to request an astrology reading

How to create and post Chart URLs

How often does Susan visit the Astrology Zone® Message Board

When are the monthly reports posted


How to log-in

New members to the board, who wish to actively participate in discussions, are required to register their username. Click on the "register user name" to the top right of the message board and complete the details.

Return guests are required to sign in each time they wish to actively participate on the board, by entering their username and password.


How to post new topics and address posts

Before starting a topic, check through existing posts to see if the topic already exists. Keeping everything relating to a certain topic within one thread maintains continuity. To contribute to a topic in progress, click on the message, complete the reply box and then press "Submit Message"

How to post a new topic: To begin a new thread, first ensure that a similar topic is not currently being discussed under other threads. Click on the "Post a new message" located at the top right-hand side of the board. Complete the details and press "Submit Message". The topic then appears at the top of the message board

How to respond to a message: Each message, when you open it by pressing on the "subject" column, begins with the message text displayed and the reply box. Insert the response and press "Submit Message". The reply will remain under the continuation of that particular thread.

How to address a post to a specific author: Place their name in parenthesis () at the start of the Subject line in the message box. If an author's name currently exists in the subject line, highlight the previous name and type the person's name to whom you are addressing the post.


How to navigate the Astrology Zone® Message Board

To collapse all threads: To view only the threads, excluding the replies to the threads, click on the "collapse all threads" to the top right-hand side of the board. Click again and all messages are displayed.

To obtain messages by order of date, author or subject:

Date: click on the date format bar at the very top of the message board, this displays messages in date order, the earliest appearing first. Click again on the date bar to display the most current messages.

Author: click on the author bar at the top of the page. The messages are then listed in alphabetical order; you can scroll down to a particular author and click on that author's name. Click again and they appear in reverse alphabetical order

Subject:  If you want the "Subjects" only, you can click on the message bar and the topics alone will be displayed in alphabetical order. If you click on it again, the topics are displayed starting with the most recent, and continuations to that thread under it with a "re": in front of the reply.

All information on the message board is subject to disappear without notice. If you see something you like, you should make a copy for yourself.

How to request an astrology reading

Astrology certainly can help us to identify propensities and potential (natal), trends and cycles (transits) or how people relate to each other (composite or synastry). Remember that we always have free will and the power to direct and change our lives.

Post a new thread, specifying a request for an astrological reading in the subject line. Within the message, provide details of:

1.    The URL for your natal chart (see FAQ's below on creating and posting a chart URL) or

2.    FULL birth data (month, day, year, time and place)

3.    One specific area of interest or one question for other members to address.

For tarot, or other readings, please request "Reading" in the subject line and the particular reader may ask for additional information if required


It is deemed unethical to read a third party's chart without their prior knowledge or permission.

All here are volunteers and offer their insight out of compassion for others and a love of the metaphysical. It may take a little time for a reply to a chart request, so please have patience. We encourage people to fully participate on the board, so if you have been active on the board in the past, your request will be taken much more seriously.

Please reply to the readings within the same thread where possible, including addendums, corrections, feedback, clarification and thanks.


How to create and post Chart URLs

1.    Go to Astrodienst ( and create a natal chart drawing

2.    While viewing the freshly made chart, go to the "Location" or "Address" box at the top of your browser. This text is your URL for the natal chart

3.    Place your cursor at the beginning of the URL, highlight it, and then COPY the URL (press the CTRL key — COMMAND key for Mac users - and the letter "C" key at the same time).

4.   Now go back to the Astrology Zone® Message Board. In the message box, PASTE this URL (press the CTRL key — COMMAND key for Mac users - and the letter "V" key at the same time).

If you would like a permanent chart in one of six colors, suitable for framing or a permanent, 72-page book about your individual chart, printed just for you in Holland, complete with color illustrations, click on My Personal Horoscope or My Personal Natal Chart on the Astrology Zone site. The sale of these items helps to support Astrology Zone and your support is appreciated.


How often does Susan visit the Astrology Zone® Message Board

Susan frequents the board occasionally, although she has very little time currently to actively participate in discussions. Writing Astrology Zone forecasts takes two full weeks for her to write each month, so you can imagine why Susan can so rarely visit the board. She has created the board for us.

You can study astrology with Susan Miller on Barnes & Noble's University, which is a free on-line class given in alternate months. For more information, go to and look for "on line classes." Look under the section called Life Improvement and you will see the free five-week class, "Astrology: Planets & Possibilities" You will not have to come to the class at any set time; the class is a virtual class. You get to print out all the free material and post questions on the Barnes & Noble dedicated message board set up exclusively for the class. It's fun and easy and it will provide you a way to meet other like-minded people, interested in astrology. Susan personally answers students" questions about astrology on the Barnes & Noble class board.


When are the monthly reports posted?

The monthly horoscopes are always posted by the 1st of the month and are accessible by clicking on the "forecasts" icon on the Astrology Zone® home page. Please be patient -- it will always show up by the first of the month. Should there be an emergency which delays the forecasts, we will notify you at the top of the message board page. Please refrain from continually asking when they might be posted.

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